1. (2) Gauntlets -

  • Silver OR Metallic Grey Gauntlets with Purple battery powered LED lighting in black thermoplastic Tubes.
  • Gold Spike Design 
  • Top of gauntlet (glove) is detachable from base of Gauntlet by Velcro.
  • Battery pack is attached to the inside of the base with Velcro and can be detached for battery replacement.


2. (2) Black Gloves - 

  • Black Vinyl Gloves to be worn on the inside of the Gauntlets  (Size Options are S, M, L) 


3. Utility Belt -

  • Silver OR Metallic Grey & Silver Utility Belt with black plastic clips for closures of pockets and belt strap.
  • Belt strap is available in Silver with Metallic Grey Detail or Complete Silver.
  • 2 Pockets included. Standard pocket size is 3.25in W x 1.25in L x 4.25in H. Size of pockets can be customized to fit a phone for an additional $20. (This does not include phones over 6.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width)


4. Helmet - Purple & Black Prowler Mask. White Mesh Eye Lens. Magnetic Back Closure. Helmet comes in specific measurements. 


5. LED Boots - Metallic Grey, Silver, & Charcoal Grey Eva Foam Boots.  

Comes with three versions of LED lights that are remote controlled, battery powered, and multi-color. Bottom of boots are detachable by Velcro for battery replacement.

Prowler, Into The Spiderverse - Accessories Bundle

  • Since every accessory is made per request, we can not offer refunds or exchanges.

    No exceptions.  Please refer to the FAQs page for more information.