Inspired by Proxima Midnight, Member of the Black Order.


Suit and Accessories;

1. Jumpsuit - Black and White Patent Leather Jumpsuit


2. Breastplate Extension - Eva Foam covered in White Patent Leather, Rustic Gold Evam Foam Medallion


3. Arm Gauntlet & Glove Extension - Eva & Craft Foam painted Rustic Gold wit Gold Vinyl lining for elbow movement. Glove Ext: Velcro attachment, Black Patent leather Glove Lining

4. Helmet & Eva Foam Helmet with horns and PET-G Lining for reinforcement. 


5. Hair Extension (Optional) - Black and Aquamarine Ombre 22in Synthetic Weave sewn to Ponte Fabric. Elastic ribbon lining and Hook & Eye closures.


6. Gloves - Black Patent Leather, Glove Extension - Rustic Gold Craft Foam Armor attached to top of Right or Left (Glove Extension)


7. Spear - Adjustable 5ft (60in /152.4cm) PVC Pipe, Fittings, Rustic Gold Paint, Carved Eva Foam Tip and Bottom. (Spear unfolds into 3 parts)




Proxima Midnight, The Black Order

  • All Items are made to your specific measurements.

    Please refer to size page for instructions on how to take your measurements.