Inspired by King T'Challa's new suit in Marvel's Black Panther Movie

Suit & Accessories;

1. Jumpsuit w. Kinetic Energy - Textured Vinyl & Faux Leather Details. Hand Carved details from "Wakanda" Alphabet.  Wireless Remote operated/ Battery Powered Glowing LED Lights


2. (2) Vibranium Arm Bracers - Silver Claws with Purple LED Lighting


3. (2) Vibranium Leg Bracers - Silver  claws with Craft foam Leg Bands with Purple LED Lighting


4. "Vibranium" Necklace - Silver Claws with Purple Battery Powered LED Lights


5. Helmet - Black & Silver Craft Foam Helmet with Thermoplastic Lens and Purple LED Lighting 


6. Boots - Knee High Boots with Black textured Vinyl Fabric and Tribal Faux Leather design. Velcro for attachment of "Vibranium" Knee Bracers  custom made to your foot size.  


7. Gloves - Black textured Vinyl Fabric with Tribal Faux Leather design. Black Crystal & Silver Metal Finger Talons 

Spear - 40' Spear, Silver Craft foam, PET-G & PVC Pipe with LED Lighting (Very Light Weight)


All products are Made to Order. Please allow 8 weeks from purchase date for item to be shipped.
Rush Order option for additional fee. Please Inquire.

Shuri Black Panther

  • All Items are made to your specific measurements.

    Please refer to size page for instructions on how to take your measurements.