Do not attempt to take your own measurements. They will be wrong! ask for help.


A local tailor, bridal, or lingerie shop can also take your measurements.

Do not attempt to take your own measurements. They will be wrong!

A local tailor, bridal, or lingerie shop can take your measurements.

Or you can ask a friend.  You will need measuring tape which you can find at your local convenience store or pharmacy for $1.

Stand straight and measure around your body above the fullest part of the bust (Across both nipples) at your armpit level. (Bra size is not the same as a bust measurement.)


To locate you natural waist, bend to the side and find where your body creases. Measure around the body at this point. Tie a string or piece of elastic around your natural waist.

High Hip

Measure with tape approximately 2 to 4 inches (5.1 - 10.2cm) below natural waist over top of hip bones.  

Full/low hip

Stand straight with your heels together, and measure around the fullest part of your hips.

Middle of shoulder to apex

Measure from natural shoulder seam line (approximately 2 inches (5.1 cm) from neck point) to bust apex which is the highest point.

Middle of Shoulder to Waist

With tape on shoulder seam, continue measuring over apex to lower edge of elastic of string at waist line


Waist to hem

With tape at natural waist, measure down to desired hem length 


Apex to apex 

(Nipple to Nipple) Measure between the bust points. 

Shoulder length 

With tape at neck point (base of neck) measure along the natural shoulder seam line to the top of the shoulder point.

​Shoulder to wrist 

With arm in a slightly bent position, measure from shoulder bone over elbow and down to the base of the wrist bone. 




Head width - Helmet

With a tape measure run it round your head – above the ears, across the forehead and around the back of your head. ( Around the most protruding part of the back of your head)

​Bicep - Armor

With your arm hanging at your side and relaxed, measure around your bicep at its fullest point. 

​Forearm - armor

With your arm hanging at your side and relaxed, measure around your forearm at its fullest point. 

​Neck - Necklace

Wrap the measuring tape around the neck, beginning at about one inch from the meeting of your neck and shoulders. (For Men This may also coincide with the bottom part of your Adam's apple.) Hold the tape tight.


​Crotch length

With tape measure between measure between your legs, begin the tape at waist level center front and measure to waist level at center back. The tape should be comfortable against your body. 


You may want to do a quick "sit me down" to see if you require any sitting ease. Simply bend from the knees while holding the tape measure at front and back waist level. If the tape wants to "give" a little as you sit, you are then adding 'sitting ease.' Stand back up and feel how this slightly longer measurement feels against your body. You may not want to incorporate the sitting ease into your total measurements.

​Pant Length 

Beginning at natural waist, measure over side of hip down to desired finished length